Hello Kitty Guide to Friendship

Adored by everybody, and always ready with a cuddle, Kitty’s the expert on what makes a true bestie. And in this oh-so-cute guide, she’ll share all her tips with you! Say hello to perfect friendships! From what makes a good friend to great ideas to share with all of yours, her beautifully-illustrated guide is bursting with gorgeous friendship fun. Learn how to become an even better friend, keep secrets without slipping up, and show your friends how much you care. Make fantastic friendship gifts, plan amazing parties, check out how to hold super sleepovers – and so much more!

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  • loved it

    best book ever 100 stars had it 5 years

    3 October 2011

  • loved it

    I think this book looks awsome although I haven’t read it yet I’ll will try and buy it soon so that I can read it.

    12 August 2011

  • i never read this book yet but i think it looks really good it can u give you good tips if you fall out with afriend or somthing thats why i think it looks really good id would deffintly buy it and recomend it to people and you can get closer to your friends and other people if you want

    28 February 2011

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