Hello Kitty: Guide to Life

Life is sweet for Kitty – and she can teach you how to stay chilled and happy, inside and out. Read this guide to learn her secret. Anyone can see this purrfect puss has got life sorted. But don’t just look on in envy. Follow her smart advice. Customising your clothes, wearing make up, acting confident, chilling out, getting organised, planning sleepovers. Kitty can help you with them all. You’ll even get great travel tips and ways to find your perfect hobby. Smile: Kitty’s on your side.

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  • loved it

    This book helped me a lot.. love it

    7 April 2015

  • rubbish

    This book didn’t help me AT ALL!!! I had a problem with my friend and I did what the book said but it didn’t work. So I had to work it out for myself.

    A total waste of £3.99.

    1 September 2013

  • okay

    i like it because it gives you great tips so i will recomend it 4/5

    24 October 2012


    3 March 2012

  • it’s a wonderful book to prepare children for high school

    2 March 2012

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