Hello Neighbor #1: Missing Pieces

Lock your doors! From the creators of the blockbuster horror game – the prequel story that started it all. Nicky Roth has always been a lonely kid. But that all changes when his family move to Raven Brooks and meet the Petersons, their new neighbours. Nicky and the Peterson boy, Aaron, share a talent for tinkering. Soon they’re inseparable, playing pranks on everyone. But something about Aaron bothers Nicky. Why are people afraid of his family? Through snippets heard from Aaron and some sleuthing in the town archives, Nicky starts to reveal the family’s dark past. A weird streak of bad luck seems to haunt the Petersons. But hang on! Is it really in the past?

  • The pulse-pounding prequel novel to the hit video game
  • Fast-paced, addictive fiction with two-colour illustrations
  • Helps readers unwind the mystery at the heart of the game
  • Full of vivid insights into the minds of the main characters

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