Holidays Around the World: Celebrate Passover

You’ve probably heard of Passover, but what’s it all about? Find out in this simple first guide: a really interesting look at a major Jewish festival. Are you ready? Passover goes on for an entire week, so there’s lots to discover and explore! (And lots to eat, too!) It’s a festival of freedom, celebrating the escape – or Exodus – of Jewish slaves from Egypt over 3500 years ago. It’s also a festival of food, with lavish meals called seders where tales of the Exodus are retold. Find out about the feasts, the prayers, the rituals and the meaning in this colourful National Geographic guide.

  • A simple first look at the Jewish feast of Passover
  • Beautifully photographed book from National Geographic
  • Shows how Jewish families around the world celebrate
  • Explains the history and significance of Passover

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