Holly Webb Animal Stories #41: The Perfect Kitten

Amy dreams of having a kitten. Even her parents want one. Trouble is, their home just isn’t right. The local animal rescue shelter says they live too near the busy main road for their garden to be safe for a cat. That is, until the shelter rescues a special kitten who is pretty, fluffy, white – and deaf. Outside is full of danger for this little kitty. She needs a home where she can stay indoors. Might Amy’s be the perfect place? And what will happen when the kitten gets bored of being stuck inside?

  • Charming young animal fiction by Holly Webb
  • Holly’s books have sold over a million copies
  • Bestselling series for newly confident readers
  • The perfect stepping-stone to longer novels

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  • Photo of Holly Webb

    Holly Webb

    Holly is the best-selling author of lots of brilliant books including the Molly’s Magic, Animalmagic and Rose series.

  • Sophy Williams

    Sophy Williams was short-listed for the Mother Goose Award for her first book, ‘When Grandma Came’ by Jill Paton-Walsh, and since then has illustrated numerous other celebrated titles. She lives near Bath with her husband and two sons. ‘[Sophy] knows how to create atmosphere and drama . . . masterly’ – Mother Goose Award Panel.

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