Holly Webb Animal Stories #6: Sky the Unwanted Kitten

Olivia is really upset that she’s moving house and leaving all her friends behind, as well as the two cats next door. But her parents have a surprise gift to cheer her up: a beautiful little Siamese kitten! Sky is simply adorable, with huge blue eyes and fluffy pale fur. But Olivia is determined that she doesn’t want a cat, and poor Sky is left all alone. Surely Olivia won’t be able to resist her fluffy new friend for long?

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  • loved it

    I think this book is excellent its sad that Lucy left all her friends behind.

    31 October 2015

  • loved it

    Lucy and her family moved house. Lucy was very upset as she left all her friends behind including Ellie her best friend. Lucy had to start at a new school. She felt very left out but soon made friends with a girl called Lizzie who lived across the road. Lucy parents got her a kitten called Sky but Lucy pretended not to like Sky her parents would see how unhappy she was and move back to her old house.

    My favourite part was when Lucy was playing with Sky. My worst part was when Lucy thought Sky had gone back to the breeders. Lucy was very upset, but Sky was hiding. My favourite character is Sky the kitten because she is cute.

    This book had lots of happy and sad bits in it, but mostly happy

    I think this book is great for 6 and older.

    Madison, aged 7

    24 February 2014

  • loved it

    It is an amazing book.I love it.People who haven’t read it yet should read it.I feel really bad for Olivia because none of the girls like her.

    12 November 2013

  • loved it

    I relly like this book because it has animals and I love animals and I find it intresting to read.I’m looking fowared to reading the reast of the books Holly web wrote about animails aspecly a do Because I own A dog Her name is Ella she is a stavey she is black and white. I love her like all the stars in the sky at night

    From charlotte

    3 April 2012

  • olivia is upset because she is moving house and living all her friends behind even her best friend and the cats from next door so her mum and dad try to cheer her up with a kitten could sky but she loves her but does not want her mum and dad or brother to now because she thinks they only brought sky to stop her thinking about her best friend but she wont ever forget her best friend or the cats from next door she thought that they where her cats summertime’s. by Chloe Hodkinson

    13 March 2011

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