Hoot Owl, Master of Disguise

Beware, tiny creatures of the night! Hoot Owl is hunting. He’s no ordinary owl – oh no! He’s a proud master of disguise. This stealthy ninja of the night has lots of clever ways to trick his prey. So why does his dinner keep escaping? Hmm: maybe dressing up as a carrot isn’t the best way to catch a rabbit. And will disguising yourself as a birdbath really fool the birds? Maybe this little owl isn’t as smart as he thinks he is. But don’t you dare laugh. (Tee hee hee.) Oh – go on then. If you must...

  • Illustrated by celebrated graphic artist Jean Jullien
  • This hilariously zany picture book is a real hoot
  • Sean Taylor is a Carnegie Medal longlisted author
  • His books include Robot Rumpus and Fiddlesticks!

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  • Sean Taylor

    Sean’s writing career began in 1994 – with Scholastic! – when he won the second prize in the Independent’s new writers’ competition, and his story was published in our anthology, ‘Story of the Year’. Since then, Sean has had numerous publications to his name (OUP, Frances Lincoln, Collins…), but it is in the last couple of years that he has been developing into a rising picture book star. Sean teaches English and creative writing to teenagers.


    Winner of the Nestle Smarties and Portsmouth Children’s Book Prizes for When a Monster is Born.

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