Horribly Famous: Joan of Arc and her Marching Orders

You’ve probably heard of Joan of Arc. She is dead famous for: leading the French army into battle, going up in smoke when she was burnt at the stake, and being an absolute saint. But have you heard that Joan survived a crossbow bolt through her chest, loved writing cheeky letters to very important people, and made the King of France look like a complete twit? Yes – even though she’s dead, Joan’s still full of surprises!

Get the inside story in Joan’s secret diary, read the news that set France ablaze in The Gallic Globe... and find out exactly how a peasant girl of seventeen gave an entire army its marching orders.

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    Joan of Arc was a phenomenal inspiration. She was a great woman and this book really helped my understanding a lot better

    5 March 2014

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    i need to read it but i dont know how to

    2 December 2011

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  • Phil Robins

    Phil Robins has a PhD in English Literature and has studied for an MA in Ancient History. He is the author of Dead Famous: Joan of Arc and Under Fire: Children of the Second World War Tell Their Stories for Scholastic and is currently a freelance writer and editor.

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    Philip Reeve

    Philip Reeve is the award-winning and critically acclaimed author of the Mortal Engines books.


    Philip has won many major awards, including the Nestle Smarties and Blue Peter prizes for Mortal Engines, the Guardian prize for A Darkling Plain and the Carnegie medal for Here Lies Arthur.

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