Ian Beck's Teddy Series: Home Before Dark

They stayed a long time in the park. They played on the swings, and they fed the ducks. “It’s getting late,” said Mum, “and I think it might rain. Come on, we must get home before dark.”

But on the way home, disaster strikes! Lily falls asleep and accidentally drops Teddy in the park. It’s not easy being a lost Teddy, cold and far from home… but Lily can’t go to bed without him. Teddy must get home before dark! This gentle, old-fashioned adventure with a snuggly happy ending will delight tots and their parents, and has a pull-out poster of Teddy too. A book for reading together just before falling asleep, or at a roaring fireside with a steaming mug of cocoa, this cuddly bedtime treat is one to treasure.

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  • Ian Beck

    Ian has produced bestsellers ever since he burst onto the scene of children’s books. Since then he has garnered rave reviews and a reputation as one of the leaders in his field. He has multiple awards to his name, including the Right Start magazine Best Toy Awards 2002 where he won Gold in the book category for Scholastic’s ’’The Happy Bee’’.


    Ian Beck has won several awards including The Best Toy Award for Home Before Dark, Alone in the Woods and The Happy Bee.

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