Icky Sticky Readers: Scary Snakes

Aaargh! Snakes! Do they scare you? Or do they fascinate you? Well – this cool Icky-Sticky Reader will probably do a bit of both, and it’s got 50 fabulous stickers to play with! Snakes can be highly dangerous. Think being bitten is your biggest worry? Bad luck. Some snakes can even hug you to death. Don’t let them get too close. But if you manage to stay alive, you’ll discover a wonderfully weird world of critters who can shed their skins and swallow snacks bigger than your head…

  • Easy non-fiction reading with 50 stickers to collect
  • A simple look at a topic that never loses its fascination
  • Great for kids who want the scariest, most exciting facts
  • Packed with jokes, facts, photos and simple vocabulary

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