Icky Sticky Readers: Super Sharks

Why should learning to read be safe and boring? What if it was filled with dangerous fun? Oh yes – and what if it also came with stickers? If you think that sounds great, you need this Icky-Sticky Reader! It’s filled with 1) deadly sharks 2) amazing facts 3) seriously scary colour photos 4) tons of great stickers. Oh yes, and it’ll build your reading skills faster than a mako shark can chase you. PS: there are no boring, harmless sharks in here. (YAWN.) It’s all about super deadly sharks: ferocious killing machines who’ll give you nightmares! Cool!

  • Easy non-fiction reading with 50 stickers to collect
  • The world’s deadliest sharks – fishy torpedoes of terror!
  • Great for kids who want the scariest, most exciting facts
  • Packed with jokes, fun facts, photos and new vocabulary

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