Think Holes with massive mutant bugs. The prison camp in the New Mexico desert has a horrifying secret. And there’s nowhere to run for your life… When Andy Greenwood is sent to the Reclamation School for Boys he expects lousy food, bullies and scary drill sergeants. What he doesn’t expect is – ants! Lots of strangely aggressive ants, with a horrible itchy bite. Then an earthquake hits, and the real horror starts. The school is overrun by mutant ants the size of humans, with pincers that can cut steel. Where have they come from? What is the school’s dark secret? Trapped in a school building miles from anywhere, can Andy and his friends survive?

  • A terrifying new take on the creature-feature genre
  • Thrilling, fast-paced fun to leave your skin crawling
  • For fans of Holes, Goosebumps or scary B-movies
  • “A plot that zips along convincingly” – Booklist

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