Isles of Storm and Sorrow #1: Viper

You know the saying: for evil to triumph, it’s enough that good people do nothing. But should Marianne kill her own father? A monster is ravaging the Twelve Isles. A monster who prowls the seas in his longship, slaughtering without mercy, leaving ruin in his wake. Marianne must stop him. It’s her destiny. She’s fated to become the Viper: defender of the Twelve Isles. So – what’s the problem? To become Viper, she must defeat the existing Viper. Guess who? That’s right. Now she has a choice. Kill her father. Abandon her people. What should Marianne do? And she must strike fast. If she won’t kill, she’ll be killed. The Viper is ready to bite…

  • First in an epic new fantasy trilogy set on the high seas
  • Perfect for fans of Sarah J Maas and The Huntress series
  • A brave heroine, an impossible dilemma, a dark destiny
  • Powerful themes of love, duty, sacrifice and torn loyalties

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