Jasmine Green: A Sheepdog Called Sky

Sweet, funny and utterly believable, this will grab your heart and run with it like a dog with a stick! Jasmine is lucky enough to live on a farm, which means lots of animals to love – and lots of jobs to do! Now a sick puppy has been dumped on the farm. He needs all Jasmine’s help to survive. As Jasmine nurses Sky, he soon comes to adore her. But she’s not sure if this mistreated pup will ever trust other people again. And it’s not until Jasmine gets into terrible danger that she finds out for sure… Prepare to laugh, cry and lose yourself in daydreams of adopting your own cuddly pup!

  • A wonderfully touching animal story from a rising star
  • Helen Peters is Dick King-Smith for a new generation
  • She has been shortlisted for the Waterstones Book Prize
  • Her other gorgeous books include A Piglet Called Truffle

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