Jessica Cole: Model Spy #1: Code Red Lipstick

MI6. Supervillains. Catwalk supermodels. If there was an Alexia Rider, this is how she’d look. She’s got guts, wits and cool gadgets. Plus a rather well-stocked makeup bag. One super-spy with serious style. Jessica Cole is right at home strutting down the world’s most glamorous catwalks. But she’s brave as well as beautiful. When her father – a former spy – suddenly vanishes, Jessica decides to act. She’s not just striking a pose; she’s going to take on MI6 and beat them at their own game. Trouble is, Jessica isn’t the only model who wears stiletto knives with her stiletto heels. Her first super-villain will be a deranged former supermodel, Allegra Knight, who is launching a murderous ‘miracle’ face cream for teens…

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