John Smith is NOT Boring! #4: Sheriff John the (Partly) Wild

Are you boring? Then quick – get out of here. Serious excitement is breaking loose. This is no place for yawning! Gun-slinging gangsters. Mustang chases. Saloon shootouts at high noon. It’s hello to the Wild West – and goodbye to boring! Sheriff John Smith has just rocked up on his cowboy horse. He might have a dull name, but his life is pretty darn cool. Can he save the land from a no-good gang of thieves? There will be cowboy antics and big laughs. But nothing yawnsome!

  • Fourth in a funny series full of heroic adventures
  • John Smith has a boring name but a brilliant life!
  • The author has written for TV’s Danger Mouse
  • He also co-wrote Disney’s Gnomeo and Juliet film

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