Junkyard Jack and the Horse That Talked

Love Roald Dahl? Then you’ll adore this comic tale of horrid relatives, strange happenings and way too much horse poo! Jack’s no idiot. He knows that horses don’t talk. He also knows he can’t stay with his aunt’s family for even one second longer. Drippy Aunt Violet isn’t so bad. But Uncle Ted is stinky and mean, and his evil cousin Kelly is a total horror. So Jack runs away and sets off on a quest to free his mum from prison. But every quest needs a bit of magic. And Jack’s bit soon pops up – an actual talking horse! But that’s not all: the horse’s furry buddies also have plenty to say. Ever wished they could talk? Now they can!

  • A hilarious fantasy romp by comedian Adrian Edmondson
  • For fans of Roald Dahl, David Baddiel and David Walliams
  • Set in a wonderful world of opinionated talking animals
  • Adrian’s books include Tilly and the Time Machine

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