Kate Saunders Pack x 4

Chocolate, time travel, magical creatures: this addictive pack has it all. We love these books. And so do top reviewers! Imagine if your wildest daydreams could actually come true. That’s exactly what these books are like. For example, when Flora gets on a train to boarding school, it also takes her back to 1935! Tom has just discovered that his dad is a fairy on the run. And how about the adventures of Oz and Lily? With the help of some magical chocolate, they must reach London at the height of the Blitz, defeat evil supernatural critters and save St Paul’s cathedral from fire! Every bit as wonderful as JK Rowling!

  • Delightfully witty fiction with a luscious twist of fantasy
  • Kate Saunders is a hugely acclaimed Costa Award winner
  • Her books include Five Children on the Western Front
  • She has been shortlisted for the Carnegie Medal twice
  • For fans of Eva Ibbotson, Harry Potter and Sylvia Bishop

Praise for the books:

“It was a joy to read from cover to cover. Exciting, inventive with a very pleasing twist.” Philip Ardargh

‘Pure bliss. Don’t miss it.’ The Times

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  • Awards

    Kate Saunders won 2014 Costa Children’s Book of the Year for Five Children on the Western Front. Other awards include the East Sussex Book Award for Magicalamity and the Hillingdon and Warwickshire Book Award for The Whizz Pop Chocolate Shop.

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