Killer Creatures

All the killer critters you really don’t want to mess with! Do you value your life? Then stay in, where these evil beasties can’t find you. That’s right: out in nature, death is waiting for you everywhere. Sharks! Snakes! Bears! Spiders! Electric eels! Lions! Piranhas! Get to know the real-life monsters you most want to avoid. Scare yourself silly with cool colour profiles, shocking stats and fearsome photos. Frighten off attackers with your shark-tooth necklace. Plus: have fun with crosswords, quizzes and puzzles. Only for the brave!

  • Quality hardback with replica shark tooth necklace
  • Full-colour profiles of the world’s top 50 killer beasts
  • Fun stats to compare, such as weapons and killer scores
  • Includes heaps of puzzles, quizzes and crosswords

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