King and the Dragonflies

A stirring tale of love, loss and new awakenings. King has lost his brother. Now he must find himself… King is twelve, living in a small but turbulent Louisiana town. His big brother, Khalid, recently died, and grief is tearing the family apart. Things would be easier if King could talk to his best friend, Sandy. But Khalid always said he ought to stay away from Sandy. “You don’t want anyone to think you’re gay too, do you?” Then Sandy goes missing, and King finds his former friend hiding down by the bayou. As their friendship is rekindled, King must confront big questions about himself and his brother’s death…

  • A raw and exquisite tale about the power of love
  • Beautifully written and a guaranteed tear-jerker
  • Serious and moving middle-grade LGBTQ+ fiction
  • About racism, homophobia and daring to be yourself
  • Kacen Callender is a non-binary rising star of fiction
  • They won the Stonewall Award for Hurricane Child

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  • Photo of Kacen Callender

    Kacen Callender

    Born and raised in St. Thomas of the US Virgin Islands, Kacen Callender is the award-winning author of the middle-grade novel Hurricane Child, the young-adult novels This Is An Epic Kind Of Love Story and Felix Ever After, and the adult novel Queen Of The Conquered. They enjoy playing RPG video games in their free time, and they really wish they had a dog.

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