Kitten Kingdom #1: Tabby's First Quest

Princess Tabby loves playing in the palace and reading about brave kitty heroes. But when she and her brothers are tricked into giving a magical scroll to evil King Gorgonzola, they must set off on a quest to get it back. Once Tabby leaves the safety of her castle, she realises that reading about adventures is very different from really having one. Suddenly she doesn’t feel very brave. Can she save her kingdom, and prove she’s no scaredy-cat?

  • First fiction set in a magical world of royal animals
  • A story about facing fears and doing the right thing
  • Builds reading confidence with a longer chapter book
  • Plenty of illustrations and exciting vocabulary to learn
  • Kids will love this marvellously vivid fantasy world

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  • it is roosome for under 7 years kids

    1 December 2019

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