Kitten Kingdom #2: Tabby and the Pup Prince

It’s playtime at the palace! But will a nasty rival spoil all the fun? Find out in this royal read-alone story! Princess Tabby can’t wait for the hounds of Barkshire to arrive for their royal visit! She’ll be on her best behaviour, and she’ll have a chance to play with the royal puppy, Prince Buddy. But when King Gorgonzola steals a magic orb, it looks as if the fun might be ruined! It’s up to Princess Tabby and Prince Buddy to team up on a magical mission that will use all of their special skills…

  • First fiction set in a magical world of royal animals
  • A tale of adventure, friendship, teamwork and courage
  • Builds reading confidence with a longer chapter book
  • Plenty of illustrations and exciting vocabulary to learn

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