Klutz: Paper Fashions - Yesterday

Beautiful paper fashions inspired by past times. Do you dream of being one of the costume designers of tomorrow? Then turn back the clock and take your inspiration from yesterday! Celebrating centuries of sumptuous dresses, luxurious robes and gorgeous accessories, this unique book lets you get creative with styles and patterns from bygone days. Dress a medieval princess, a Tudor queen, a Jane Austen heroine and Scarlett O’ Hara – even an Edwardian lady on the deck of the Titanic! You get ideas and patterns from every historical era, plus gorgeous decorated papers, delightful embellishments, simple-to-use stencils, and mini coat hangers to keep your precious creations safe. Make fashion history!

Includes ribbons, beads, sequins, gold lace, decorated papers, glue and mini coat hangers.

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    OMG! This book is so cool! You can design your own dresses and stuff! I bought it for thirteen pounds though . I love it though

    25 December 2014

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