LEGO® BIONICLE®: Revenge of the Skull Spiders

It can strangle the toughest warriors in its lethal death-lock. It controls a giant army using the evil power of its mind. It’s got razor-sharp pincers, glaring red eyes and ferocious fangs. Worst of all? It’s a spider! Aaaargh! Your Bionicle® heroes are face to face with a nightmare: the hideous and totally evil Lord of the Skull Spiders. This is one bug you really don’t want to be on the wrong side of. And if you ever defeat him, you’ll be swarmed by millions more…

  • Gripping chapter book based on the Bionicle® storyline
  • Witness the epic battle of the Toa and the Skull Spiders
  • Written by top Star Wars fiction author Ryder Windham
  • Bursting with action and drama for confident readers

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