LEGO® DC Comics Super Heroes: Enter the Dark Knight Activity Book

Your own Batman minifigure: what more do we need to say? Plus a story, comics and enough cool puzzles to keep even the Riddler scratching his head! Peril is rising on the shadowy streets of Gotham City. It’s time to show the villains who’s boss. Line up the good guys: Batman and Robin. Plus lucky old YOU, of course. Then count up the bad guys: the Joker, Catwoman, Mr Freeze, Harley Quinn, Two-Face, Poison Ivy … uh-oh, there’s loads of them! But don’t panic. Batman might be outnumbered, but he’ll never be beaten. Right?

  • Includes a fantastic LEGO® Batman minifigure
  • Comics, activities, puzzles and a story to read
  • Heroes vs villains on the streets of Gotham City
  • Discover the Dark Knight’s legendary backstory

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