LEGO®: The Book of Everything

The LEGO® encyclopaedia, basically! All the world’s knowledge – with minifigures. YEAH! Every home needs a factual reference book where you can look up loads of cool info. (Great for homework and projects.) Problem: it’s usually a massive, serious thing where laughs are a total no-no. But that’s not how you do things, right? And it’s not how the LEGO® experts do things either, which is why this fact book is so awesome. Pretty much every topic under the sun – plus a LEGO® scene on every spread, with LEGO® pictures, minifigures jokes and mini stories. Seriously: why buy any other reference book? Mini-figures! Massive facts!

  • A unique reference: facts plus modelled LEGO® artwork
  • Illustrated with LEGO® scenes, minifigures and stories
  • A world of cool topics, from science to popular culture
  • Fantastic support for homework and school topic work

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