Ladybird: I'm Ready... for Phonics! Sticker Workbooks Pack x 4

Oooh: how pleased are we to see this? Colourful sticker activities that practise letter sounds and get you ready for your Year 1 Phonics Check. Ladybird’s new phonics series is the best we’ve seen in ages. Zippy action, fantastic characters, easy phonics practice. Plus zingy colour pictures with more snap and crackle than a bowl of Rice Krispies! Now these workbooks let you get hands-on with active phonics learning. Puzzles, games and over 50 stickers in each book – the perfect way to stretch your reading muscles.

  • Beautifully bright phonics workbooks from this fun series
  • Supports the current focus on phonics in primary schools
  • Great preparation for the Year 1 Phonics Screening Check
  • Sticker play and fun activities that really engage children

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