Let's Read with Dora!

Feisty Dora the Explorer takes you on a journey into her world in this colourful collection of six stories introducing her life, friends and family. Bringing together six favourite tales for young children from the much-loved Dora series, this lively book is full of active learning opportunities, including Spanish words to memorise, repetitive phrases to say aloud and simple puzzles to do. Find out who Dora meets on her first trip away from home, and what happens when she goes to a party for two adorable twin puppies. Learn all about Dora’s family – and discover how she and her best friend Boots help out a little kite that is stuck in a tree!

Book includes six stories: Just Like Dora; I Love My Mami!; Dora and the Rainbow Kite Festival; Dora’s First Trip; The Puppy Twins; Dora’s First Sleepover.

Fun Stuff


  • Colour in Dora

    Here’s a picture of Dora for you to colour in.

    Download Colour in Dora
  • Dora Colouring

    Use the spanish colour guide to colour Dora and Isa.

    Download Dora Colouring
  • Dora's sign

    Download this Dora The Explorer sign to put on your bedroom door.

    Download Dora's sign

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