Little Badman and the Invasion of the Killer Aunties

He’s little, he’s bad – and he’s saving his school from sinister imposters! Humza Khan is the greatest eleven-year-old rapper the town of Eggington has ever known. Soon the whole world will know his name. But right now, Humza has a bigger problem than getting famous. Things at school have gone REALLY WEIRD, MAN! All the teachers keep vanishing, and mysterious aunties are taking over. The good thing is, they feed the kids yummy snacks. Like, all day long. But when they start messing with Humza’s tunes, he knows these aunties are seriously bad news. He’s got to stop them before they destroy his music – and possibly, the entire world.

  • A deliciously witty tale of school and saving the world
  • Perfect for fans of David Solomons and David Walliams
  • Online comedian Humza Arshad is a YouTube favourite
  • Henry White is an award-winning BBC TV scriptwriter

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