Little People, Big Dreams: Mother Teresa

You needn’t be big to dream of big things! Meet a girl who grew up to make her mark on the world in this inspiring and beautifully illustrated biography. In 1910, a little girl named Agnes was born in Skopje, Macedonia. From an early age, she wanted to dedicate herself to religion. And when she heard stories of missionaries helping people, she knew she wanted to do the same. As an adult, she spent her entire life caring for the sick and poor around the world. Today, she is still remembered as Saint Teresa of Calcutta…

  • A clear, vivid biography with vibrant colour artwork
  • Explores Mother Teresa’s life and lasting influence
  • Beautifully made picture book brimming with quality
  • Includes extra facts and a portrait section at the back

“Empowering books EVERY child should read.” Junior Magazine

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