Little Red's Riding 'Hood

A unique twist on a classic story! Can Little Red the scooter save Granny from a big bad monster truck? We all love fairy tale twists – but maybe you think you’ve heard them all before. They’re so popular, they’ve been retold every which way. But never like THIS. Red Riding Hood as a cute little scooter? The Big Bad Wolf as a monster truck? This is the story you know gone full-throttle crazy! Join Little Red as he races through the dark woods. His mission? To take some lovely goodies to his sick granny. But lurking in the forest is Tank, a big and beastly baddie. What big wheels Granny’s got! What big headlights she’s got! What a big hood she has!

  • A hilarious and truly unique twist on a favourite tale
  • Perfect for little ones who love cars and mighty machines
  • Beautifully expressive pictures by the Dinotrux creator
  • Written by the author of Cars Galore and Bugs Galore

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