Little Sparkles #1: Party in the Garden

There’s a bit of magic behind every perfect party – thanks to the Little Sparkles!

Jenny is having a garden party. There’s raspberry fizz to drink, chocolate-button sandwiches and fairy cakes to eat! But when her friends arrive, everything has been wrecked! Could this be the work of the naughty Party Poopers? Then a tinkling sound rises from under the picnic table. It’s the teeny-tiny Little Sparkles! There’s Tikki the yellow kitten, Peppy the light-blue puppy, Bubbles the pink bunny, Princess the white pony and Tubbs the rainbow-coloured turtle. They’ve come to fix things with their magic glitter. And if they can make a Party Pooper have fun, he might just turn into a Little Sparkle too!

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    7 March 2013

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    16 June 2012

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