Mabel and the Mountain

A must for every little person! Learn to dream big and listen to your heart. Mabel may only be a small fly, but she has Big Plans. 1) Climb a mountain. 2) Host a dinner party. 3) Make friends with a shark. Mabel’s friends aren’t being very helpful. So Mabel has decided: Don’t listen to those who say you can’t. Listen to those who say you can! So, although a mountain is very high and Mabel is very small, she isn’t going to give up. One tiny step at at time, you can achieve very big things when you believe in yourself!

  • A glorious tale about the power of confidence
  • Beautifully illustrated and supremely uplifting
  • By exciting debut author-illustrator Kim Hillyard
  • Kim has written for NME , Time Out and the BBC

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