Magical Kingdom of Birds #3: The Missing Fairy-Wrens

Welcome back to this secret realm of beautiful birds, fairies and magic! (Or, if you haven’t yet been here before, welcome for the very first time!) Maya’s enchanted colouring book has whisked her back to the Magical Kingdom of Birds. Spring is in the air, flowers are blooming and birds are tweeting with joy from every branch. Everything seems perfect. But one thing isn’t right. The tiny fairy-wrens of the kingdom are vanishing. At least half of the birds have gone missing. Is wicked Lord Astor behind it? And if he is, how will Maya stop him?

  • Third in a magical series for fans of Secret Kingdom
  • A summery adventure with a special page to colour in
  • Fun facts about the real birds that inspired the story
  • Charming mid-length fiction to build reading stamina

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