Magical Mix-Ups: Birthdays and Bridesmaids

Glittery doodling with magic and giggles. Princess, witches, a Fairyland party. Make it all come true. Princess Sapphire and Witch Emerald live in the topsy-turvy land of Mixtopia. It’s the kind of place where a scruffy witch and a perfect princess can easily become the best of friends. But now a party muddle-up has struck Fairyland. Can the girls fix it? No, they can’t! You’ll have to finish the picture scenes so the party of the year can go ahead. Grab your pens and glitter – this book needs YOU!

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  • waste of time reading it.

    1 July 2012

  • rubbish

    i did not like this book because there was only 1 page

    1 July 2012

  • loved it

    i abslotly love it so far!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    20 May 2012

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    Leigh Hodgkinson won the Community Library Favourite Book prize for Don’t Dip Your Chips in Your Drink, Kate! at the 2010 Sheffield Children’s Book Awards.

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