Minecraft: Guide to The Nether and the End

The End. It’s where we all end up. If you’ve played well and hard, of course. If you’ve bravely faced down challenges, subdued monsters and survived the dark and deadly Nether. But what happens at the End? Well – get a sneak preview! This cool guide to the End and its forerunner, the hellish Nether dimension, gets you ready for whatever the later stages of the game can fling at you. It’s bursting with info, pictures and insider tips from the experts at Mojang – plus the lowdown on the Ender Dragon. Who wants to fall at the final hurdle, after all?

  • The official Mogang guide to the Nether and the End
  • Packed with insider insights, expert tips and secrets
  • Detailed info paired with quality colour screenshots
  • The ultimate way to take your game to the next level

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