Minecraft: The Official Combat Handbook (Updated Edition)

Now fully updated with a brand new chapter. Destroy hostile mobs and enemy players with Notch’s top tips. Be stronger, live longer. If you play Minecraft, you’ll already know: it’s not a game for wimps. Want to survive? You’ll need to fight like a winner. So find out how. Here are hundreds of combat and defence tips straight from the people who know the game best. From mob traps to pure combat, show who’s boss.

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    I think that this book is awesome and if you’re a skilful minecrafter like myself then this can really help you!

    6 March 2016

  • hi guys i just want to say i am a bit of a gamer so i read a lot of books about games i like to play. so i have got the minecraft combat book which tells you what to do in survival and about different mobs and how to cope with battles in muiltiplayer i hope i considered you to read this


    6 March 2016

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