Monster Squad: Return of Mega Mantis

Screamworthy fiction. Hate bugs? This mega mutant mantis is waaaay too big to squash. Question: what’s scarier? Bugs or monsters? Well – now you needn’t choose, because this book brings you both. In one! Monsters are a real problem in the town of Leery, where B-movie critters have come alive. Damon Molloy is one of the toughest members of the local monster-busting squad. But he has a shaming secret: he is scared of bugs. So you can imagine how freaked Damon feels when Mega Mantis, Leery’s all-time scariest movie monster, shows up at his parents’ drive-in movie theatre. How do you kill a bug that’s four times bigger than a house? Especially when he’s brought all his buddies along?

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