Mortal Engines Quartet #4: A Darkling Plain

The explosive end to the Mortal Engines series: a return to Philip Reeve’s brilliantly brutal world of predator cities and scary Stalkers. The unthinkable has happened. Hester has abandoned her family. Now Tom and Wren stumble across the wreckage of a vast traction city: London. But the fragile truce between the Green Storm and the Traction Cities is in splinters. The world is on a collision course. As the future hurtles towards apocalypse, our story begins and ends in London’s ruined shell. War is coming: a war to end all the world. Who will be left to tell the tale?

  • The riveting climax to the Mortal Engines series
  • Winner of the Guardian Children’s Fiction Prize
  • Fast-moving, ambitious, heartbreaking and thrilling
  • Brings this majestic series to an unforgettable close

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  • Philip Reeve

    Philip Reeve is the award-winning and critically acclaimed author of the Mortal Engines books.


    Philip has won many major awards, including the Nestle Smarties and Blue Peter prizes for Mortal Engines, the Guardian prize for A Darkling Plain and the Carnegie medal for Here Lies Arthur.

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