Moshi Monsters: Monstrous Biographies: Cap'n Buck

A no-holds-barred portrait of the pioneering pirate! Have ye ever wondered when Buck and the Cloudy Cloth Clipper first set sail on the wondrous waves of Potion Ocean? Are ye curious about how this salty old seafarer came to be the marvellous mariner he is today? Who put the ‘Barnacle’ at the end of ‘Captain Buck E’? Well, it’s time for all your questions to be answered, as you dive deep into the treasure chest of his extra-large life!

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  • loved it

    i want this book can any one tell me what it is about

    4 April 2012

  • not the best moshi monster book but it ok

    6 March 2012

  • this is the worst one so far in moshi monsters!!!!!!

    2 March 2012

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