Mr Dog #1: Mr Dog and the Rabbit Habit

What does intrepid explorer Ben Fogle do when he’s not rowing across the Atlantic or racing to the South Pole? Answer: he hangs out with his pets! And now he’s written a funny new series for kids, inspired by his animal adventures! Meet Mr Dog: a mutt with a heart of gold. You can always count on him to help an animal in trouble. So when a mother rabbit is caught in a trap, he ends up playing bunnysitter to her babies. But someone wants rid of all the rabbits, not just one. And time is running out for Mr Dog to save them…

  • First in a young fiction series by explorer Ben Fogle
  • Ben is a broadcaster, wildlife patron, explorer and author
  • Co-written with bestselling Spy Dog author Steve Cole
  • A thrilling, adventurous story inspired by Ben’s pets

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