Mummy Fairy and Me #1: Mummy Fairy and Me

All mummies are wonderful. But Ella’s mummy is magical too! Step into Ella’s enchanted family with charming first fiction by top author Sophie Kinsella. Ella Brook has a big secret: her mummy is a fairy! All she has to do is shut her eyes tight, say ‘Marshmallow’ – and POOF ! She turns into Mummy Fairy, with a computawand and real wings. She can do amazing spells to make delicious cupcakes. She can create perfect birthday parties. But sometimes her spells go just a little bit wrong – and that’s when Ella comes to the rescue!

  • A sweet and funny series full of magic and mayhem
  • By internationally bestselling author Sophie Kinsella
  • The perfect mix of magical fun and modern family life
  • Sophie is the author of the popular Shopaholic books

“An excellent read-together… inventive and charming.” Booklist

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  • PN

    loved it

    Mummy fairy and me is an amazing book that Ella’s mum is a fairy and when she shuts her eyes tight, says ‘Marshmallow’ – and POOF! She turns into Mummy Fairy. Ella and her mother are two amazing characters and they have a lot of adventures. I loved this book because I love magic and fairies

    7 November 2020

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