Murder Most Unladylike #3: First Class Murder

It’s Agatha Christie meets Malory Towers – and every bit as great as that sounds. Picnics, hi-jinks and jolly evil crimes. Young sleuths Daisy Wells and Hazel Wong are taking a break on the world-famous Orient Express. But it’s clear that all the wealthy passengers have secrets to hide. Even more intriguing, there’s rumour of a spy in their midst. Then, during dinner, a scream sounds from inside a cabin… Can Daisy and Hazel solve their first ever locked-room murder? Or will another passenger beat them to it?

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    this book is amazing! It’s full of adventures, mysteries and crime. This book is for ages 7-20 but anyone can read it. 10/10

    27 February 2017

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    Winner of the 2015 Waterstones Children’s Book Prize (Younger Fiction) for Murder Most Unladylike.

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