My Best Friend: My Best Friend on the Titanic

Two besties vs an iceberg! Will their friendship survive? It’s 1912. William, known as Dash to his friend Dot, is obsessed with the brave new world of radio. Dorothy, known as Dot to her friend Dash, dreams of seeing the world. And now both their families have decided to leave Cornwall to make a new start in New York! Dash’s family set sail first, so the buddies ready their radios. They’re going to message each other until they are united again. Their signals fly back and forth, and before long Dot and her family start their own voyage aboard the Titanic. It’s the trip of a lifetime – until the iceberg hits…

  • A vivid shipwreck story told in notes and messages
  • From the author of My Best Friend the Evacuee
  • Follows two best friends as history is made in 1912
  • A hugely readable account that’s full of real history

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