My Emoji Life

How do you feel today? Express it with an emoji. Or why stop at one? Express it with LOADS of them! This happy-making funfile is stuffed with emjoi fun and games – plus a FREE smiley necklace. (The perfect emoji to show just how in love with it you are!) Express how you feel each day in the cool emoji mood journal. Choose from a massive range of emojis. (A picture guide helps you choose the perfect one.) Then get entertained with lists, friendship activities and cool tear-out emoji notes. Plus: try the fab quizzes where you answer in emojis! Why can’t school tests be more like this?

  • Mini trifold activity file with FREE smiley necklace
  • Colourful emoji mood journal packed with fill-in fun
  • Tear-out emojilists booklet, plus an emoji notes pad
  • All in a portable mini folder with a hardback cover

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