My Father is a Polar Bear

Warm, lovely, cosier than fluffy blankets. Two lonely boys find their real dad. What might it be like to find your father in the unlikeliest of places? After wondering who he was for years? Master writer Michael Morpurgo knows exactly how it feels. After all, it happened to him in real life! Now he’s turned this true event into a touching new fictional story full of colour pictures. Does your dad have big feet? Well – Terry and Andrew’s has big paws! But can it really be true that two human boys have a big furry polar bear for a father? Yes! Read on to find out how.

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    Michael Morpurgo

    Master storyteller Michael Morpurgo has written over 100 books for children, and has won a multitude of awards as well as serving as Children’s Laureate from 2003-2005.


    Michael was the Children’s Laureate 2003-2005, and has won many awards including The Whitbread Prize For The Wreck of the Zanzibar, the Smarties prize for The Butterfly Lion the Blue Peter Award for Private Peaceful and the Red House award for Shadow.

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