My Funny Family

Major author Chris Higgins shows off her gift for younger comedy in this first winning and reassuring story about Mattie and the loveable (but crazy) Butterfield clan.

Nine-year-old Mattie worries so much that her brain turns into spaghetti and gets all tangled up! Which isn’t surprising. In a family as big and crazy as hers, there’s always something to worry about! Will the seeds she planted in the garden grow into fruit and veg like everyone promised? Why does it seem as if Grandma doesn’t like them sometimes? And what on earth is wrong with Mum? Fortunately, reassurance is always close at hand… The dynamics of family life are perfectly captured for younger audiences in this fantastic new series.

“Endearing… a fun, funny slice of family life.” Junior

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  • okay

    It is not funny at all but I sill liked it ♥

    16 April 2014

  • okay

    nice book but not so funny as i thought

    26 January 2014

  • liked it

    i want this

    1 August 2013

  • Sounds like a good little read

    8 March 2013

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  • Photo of Chris Higgins

    Chris Higgins

    Chris Higgins is author of lots of fantastic books for children and teenagers, including the laugh-out-loud My Funny Family series.


    Chris Higgins won the 2009 YoungMinds Book Award for A Perfect 10, the Lincolnshire Young People’s Book Award for It’s a 50-50 Thing and the Kernow Youth Book Award for He’s After Me.

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