My Funny Family Gets Bigger

Third in Chris Higgins’ wonderful series about lovable Mattie and her goofy family!

Mattie Butterfield is beginning to get worried (again!). Christmas is just around the corner and there are lists to be made, presents to be bought and trees to decorate. Meanwhile, the baby inside Mum’s tummy is growing HUGE. Is it about to ruin Mattie’s holiday plans? And could an unexpected Christmas gift be on its way?

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    8 March 2014

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    Chris Higgins

    Chris Higgins is author of lots of fantastic books for children and teenagers, including the laugh-out-loud My Funny Family series.


    Chris Higgins won the 2009 YoungMinds Book Award for A Perfect 10, the Lincolnshire Young People’s Book Award for It’s a 50-50 Thing and the Kernow Youth Book Award for He’s After Me.

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