My Little Pony Pack x 5

Beautiful stories. Pop-out ponies. Puzzle pages. If you love horses, these chapter books have it all. Five of your favourite My Little Pony buddies together in one place! We predict all kinds of magical surprises. Practise your reading in the nicest ever way – and the fun doesn’t stop when you finish each book. There are puzzles and activities to keep the story going. Best of all, four of the books include pop-out ponies to stage your own magical games with.

  • Fantastic chapter books from the My Little Pony world
  • Four pop-out pony models plus puzzle pages
  • Great way to build confidence through series fiction
  • Each book focuses on a popular pony friend

Recent reviews

  • This book is a really fun book for pony lovers.If you like My Little Pony these are books for you! In the Twilight Sparkle and the crystal heart spell at the start it talks about the wedding of Princess Cadence and Shining Armour.Then how she wants to learn and grow up in Ponyville. I would give it a 5 star🌟

    11 May 2016

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