My Sister the Vampire: Date With Destiny

The tenth fright-time adventure! The twins are back in Transylvania for Prince Alex and Tessa’s wedding, where they’ll also be settling Ivy in to the Wallachia Academy. Plus, they’ve landed the juicy job of reporting on the royals’ big day for VAMP magazine. Exciting! But Olivia is pining for Jackson – and to make matters worse, wherever she turns she’s confronted with happy couples! As she struggles to master her feelings, distraction comes in the form of an old feud that threatens to spoil the happy couple’s day…

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  • loved it

    This is the 10th book of my sister the vampire I loved it marriage at Transylvania of prince Alex and Tessa and all of the adventures for the twins

    18 January 2015

  • its a very nice book and is very interesting. every time i finish the page i want to read more!

    14 January 2015

  • Great book. Simply amazing.

    8 March 2014

  • great book. i recommend it to everyone

    6 March 2013

  • loved it

    Great book love it Gothtastic

    19 August 2012

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